Industrial Photography


  Hayhurst Photography has been largely involved with Industrial Photography since I opened due to a fascination with it's scope and diversity. Over the years I have found it has brought me some of the most interesting and challenging projects.

While it exists under the larger term Commercial Photography and shares photographic disciplines with it, there are differences that set it apart.  It is primarily a business to business communication, tailored to industry rather than the consumer, another would be subject matter, the shop floor vs. the boardroom. These are two distinctions I have made in this portfolio.

Industrial Photography declares an established presence, through your facilities, production capacities and processes, the range of services offered and the personnel that make what you do possible.  Industrial Product Photography shines a spotlight on the results of all your knowledge, skills and efforts, there is no better time to view your product than at a photo shoot!  This is what you show your clients, this is what they will remember of you.

It requires a broad experience to produce the diverse range of photography needed, often in adverse conditions and all manners of lighting.

Creating Industrial Photography in Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Milton, Toronto, GTA for 20 years.