Business Portraits


Portraits of any kind are very personal undertakings, the reasons that initiate them are as many as there are end uses. These are factors that clarify it's intent, audience, and viewing environment, allow you to focus, be comfortable and above all be yourself.  Portrait Photography, whether studio shot Business Portraits or taken within an environment, creates strong and lasting impressions that speaks well of you, it is an opportunity that should not to be missed or taken lightly. 

Advance preparation ensures that shoots are focused and productive, while flexible in duration, if time is an issue, prior notice assures a minimal sitting time. 

Shoot and Client Info 

Where wardrobe is concerned, simple is best.  Avoid strong patterns ie. checks, plaids, stripes, logos and shirt graphics, unless they are important to you or the point of the shot. Outfits which allow movement allow more variety of posing.  I encourage you to bring a change of jacket and tie, shirt or blouse to maximize the possibilities. You should bring a hair brush, comb & extra make-up.  Where make-up is used a matt finish is preferable to one that leaves a sheen or glow. 

Basic retouching is performed on all print and digital orders.    Additional work will be priced on a case by case basis.

Thank you

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