A boy plays the saxaphone Full figure studio photograph; mother and son reclined on white seamless background.
Casual studio portrait of a young man. A studio portrait of a couple
Intimate family portrait photographed in the studio against a painted portrait backdrop. A family studio portrait
Brothers casually sitting on a lawn. Group portrait with dog in front of family home.
Candid family portrait. Four Generations in this Family Portrait with Small Child.
Small family grouping on rocks with a pond. Small family portrait on a rock with a japanese bridge and pond.
Large family portrait in a rock garden. Group portrait of a large family photographed on location.

Personal Portraits

Whether you are thinking about an Individual Portrait of yourself or someone close to you, a Family Portrait or a Reunion Portrait, you probably have some ideas of your own. Understanding what you would like from your portrait is important to both of us in determining the right direction for your portrait.

The most obvious place to start is, to choose between a Studio Portrait or a Location Portrait, a park , your favorite setting such as your own backyard, garden or Country Club. An interior Family Portrait in your own home with studio lighting makes a wonderful and lasting memory, documenting your place in time. A Clubhouse, Hall or Party room can often provide a space open enough to accomodate larger groups for Reunion Portraits.

The studio offers a great variety in terms of control, light, colour and background; reworking the pose and composition further extends a sitting's range, a change of clothes can make a dramatic difference, keeping things fresh for everyone. While a portrait on location offers a wide range of settings, studio flash works well with ambient light in highlighting you and opening up a broader composition. Where an exterior portrait excels is the lack of set-up, and the ability to choose from the many situations offered, using the availabe light and fill flash, there is unparalleled freedom of choice.

It's a good idea to consider the other participants of a Group Portrait and incorporate their input and personalities in order to ensure a relaxed and enjoyable experience with an endearing outcome. Where children and teens are concerned, nap times, attention spans, temperaments, self image and self consciousness, are issues that are best addressed in the planning stages. Where children and teens are concerned it's vital they be on your side and at the top of their day.

To the left is a portfolio of portraits you can browse by clicking the thumbnails, I hope you find something you like or at least ideas that you would like to discuss. Portrait sessions include consultations to discuss wardrobe, locations, intent and any ideas you would like to bring to them. Advance preparation ensures that shoots are focused and productive, while flexible in duration, where children are concerned time is always an issue.

I look forward to hearing from you to discuss your Portrait.

Shoot and Client Info

Photo shoots by nature are one of a kind, each is produced specifically for each client's needs.

Shoot Duration, Variety, and Cost: Shooting digitally we look at the shots together as they are produced to monitor quality, insuring your satisfaction in their direction, and to select the proofs of interest. The duration of the shoot is determined by the quantity and the variety of shots needed, which includes any wardrobe and lighting / set-up changes. Shoot bookings and estimates are based on set-up, variety and quantity of shots required. Shoot times and costs vary depending on these variables however the rule of thumb is (within reasonable limits) we shoot until you are happy. If you would like to extend a shoot beyond the initial parameters this is also an option.

Retouching: Basic retouching of lint, stray hairs, shiny noses etc. is included on all print and digital orders. Additional work will be priced on a case by case basis.

Black & White Conversions: While good results can be achieved with traditional conversion methods, additional work and technique is often required to fully optimize a B&W composition.

Wardrobe: simple is best, think in terms of texture, cut, just the right colour, or a well chosen piece of jewelry. Stronger colours and designs can work well if they are you; and if you can stand up to them. Avoid loud or strong patterns ie. checks, plaids or stripes, logos or shirt graphics, unless they are the point to the shot. Consider necklines when choosing necklaces, where group portraits are concerned coordinate wardrobes to avoid a massive clash, or the one standing out from the rest. A change of clothes is encouraged, you may or may not use it, but the option is there, layers provide variety, a second shirt / blouse, different collar, tie/ scarf, jacket / sweater can change things up.

Make-up: Where make-up is used a powder or at least a matt finish is preferable to one that leaves a sheen or glow.

Bring a hair brush and or comb and extra make-up for touch ups. I provide a washroom, towels, a lint brush and a clothes rack.

Things to Know

When booking it would be helpful for me to know any unique traits you may have, are you very tall, is your hair white, thinning or balding? Do you wear glasses, do they have large or heavy lenses? Is your complexion very light or dark? These things can affect the lighting & set-up.

Thank you.


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