mens-studio-portrait Mens business portrait 3
half figure executive studio portrait. double-mens-business-portrait
Men's business portrait 3 Men's business portrait 2
Studio Business Portrait; men's black and white headshot.
Interior Editorial Portrait; young man. women's business portrait
 Young woman; full length with laptop computer
Exterior executive Portrait; half figure, photographed on location outside corporate offices.
Candid group portrait; photographed on location-interior. Choir portrait

Business Portraits

A portrait of any kind is a very personal undertaking and the reasons that initiate it are as many as there are end uses. These factors influence the look and feel of your portrait. They affect my decisions and guide you to be focused, comfortable and above all - yourself. A professional portrait is the perfect medium to create a strong and meaningful impression, a lasting impression that speaks well in your absence, it is an opportunity that is not to be missed or taken lightly.

There are untold possibilities in the variety that can be achieved in a Studio Portrait from the traditional, formal Executive Portrait to a more casual, contemporary Business Portrait, whether a tightly cropped head or a full figure shot, I try to keep the backgrounds simple and the focus on you, I prefer candor, allowing the sitters to speak for themselves.

While backdrops can be brought to a client, a Location Portrait is more often an Environmental Portrait, it can be formally set up and lit with studio lighting, or shot without set-up and available light. The commemoration of organizations and events have historically been documented through Group Portraits establishing their significance in time.

A good portrait invites a response, a second lingers, between subject and viewer.

To the left is a portfolio of portraits you can browse by clicking the thumbnails, I hope you find something you like or at least ideas that you would like to discuss. Portrait sessions include consultations to discuss wardrobe, locations, intent and any ideas you would like to bring to them. Advance preparation ensures that shoots are focused and productive, while flexible in duration, if time is an issue, prior notice assures a minimal sitting time.

I look forward to hearing from you to discuss your Portrait.

Shoot and Client Info

Shoot Duration, Variety, and Cost; Photo shoots by nature are one of a kind, they are designed around the needs of each client as addressed above. Shoot bookings and estimates are based on the set-up and lighting, their duration varies depending on the quantity and variety of shots required, as can costs. Within reason, the rule of thumb is we shoot until you are happy. Together we monitor the work for quality insuring your satisfaction and selecting the proofs of interest. If you would like to extend a shoot beyond the initial parameters this is also an option.

Retouching: Basic retouching of lint, stray hairs, shiny noses etc. is performed on all print and digital orders. Additional work is priced on a case by case basis.

Black & White Conversions: While good results can be achieved with traditional conversion methods, additional work and technique is often required to fully optimize a B&W composition.

Wardrobe: Where wardrobe is concerned, simple is best - be judicious with colour, think also in terms of texture, cut or a simple piece of jewelry. Avoid strong patterns ie. checks, plaids, stripes, logos and shirt graphics, unless they are important to you or the point of the shot. Necklines and necklaces should be considered together. Outfits which allow movement allow more variety of posing - when choosing jackets, check for excessive bunching, stiffness or wrinkling. I encourage you to bring a change of jacket and tie, shirt or blouse to maximize the possibilities.

Make-up: Where make-up is used a powder or at least a matt finish is preferable to one that leaves a sheen or glow.

You should bring a hair brush and or comb & extra make-up for touch ups. I provide a washroom with towels, lint brush and a clothes rack.

Things to Know

When booking it would be helpful for me to know any unique traits you may have, are you very tall, is your hair white, thinning or balding. Do you wear glasses, do they have large or heavy lenses? Is your complexion very light or dark? These things can affect the lighting & set-up.

Thank you.



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