Colourful industrial composition of metal pieces and stone cylinders
Lug style valve
 Composition of complete product line for industrial catalogue Large cylindrical container, horizontally mounted. In high gloss enamel, close cropped and shown on a white digital ground with minimal shading.
Heater core and housing, photographed on location: presented on shaded digital background Complex machine comprising many materials. Photographed on location, cut from it's ground, and a new one rendered digitally by the photographer
A man with back turned, works Fabrication facility, an inspector operates a lift
50,000 lbs. logo Racking
Industrial product photography, shot on location Interior and exterior panoramaic views of a logistics facility
An industrial location shot, photographed from a crane, it looks down the extended boom to the vehicle below Worker admiring view is set against backdrop of offices

Industrial Photography

I have been largely involved with Industrial Photography since I opened Hayhurst Photography due to a fascination with it's scope and diversity. Over the years I have found it has brought me some of the most interesting and challenging projects.

I see Industrial Photography and Corporate Photography as like terms, laying claim to a lot of the same ground, they produce a wide and similar range of photography for much the same reasons and ends. They are both primarily business to business communications, tailored to industry rather than the consumer. When looking for a difference that sets Industrial Photography apart, subject matter is what comes to mind, the shop floor vs. the boardroom. These are two distinctions I have made in this portfolio.

Industrial Photography is shot on location in documenting a business's production, services and processes along with their facilities and personnel. Where there is a product be it coal, a concrete pump or a valve, Industrial Product Photography is shot in the field, on location and in the studio. It requires the broad experience to produce the diverse range of photography needed, often in adverse conditions and all manners of lighting.

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