A shocked plumber with flashlight, discovers an unknown horror while wading chest deep in basement floodwaters. He floats a box with the clients logo (a plumbing supplier) toward the unseen problem, he is wearing a childs childs diving mask and snorkel A woman presents a pile of completed colour documents: concept shot
The photo looks past screen and keyboard to a young man, the shot is cropped leaning back adding to the dynamics an aerial shot of a table and two hands palms up
A group business portrait, shot in the studio.
layout showing game play and box cover Exotic array of gourmet food Items presented in a galvanized pail
patio door handles
Bubble gum machines in front of a laundrymat
A french window and ivy

Commercial Photography

Commercial Photography being the broadest of catch-all terms, it is the sum of it's clients needs.

Portrait Photography; Provides the human element, in the studio or on location, candid, formal or scripted, if there is a person in the shot there is a versatile Portrait Photographer to be considered. Beyond the Executive Portraits / Business Portraits are the services performed by you, your products employed by people and the tiers of support staff that make you what you do possible. By people, for people, an important relationship and one worth putting the right face on.

Landscape Photography; Landscape Photography is drama and emotion, it is spiritual, philosophical, monumental, timeless and much more. Landscape Photography provides a foundation in cityscapes and Architectural Photography, influencing all environmental shots.

Architectural Photography; If you are an Architect, Interior Designer or Producer of incorporated elements, Architectural Photography has long been the primary means to exemplify your work in portfolio and exhibition, allowing you to survey past achievements and document future ones. Only an Architectural Photographer can capture your headquarters and show your operational facilities to their very best advantage. Your exterior views say much about your business, your interior designs reflect a considered image based on your business, tastes, and clientele, they go far in establishing your presence.

Product Photography; For those who design, assemble or manufacture products, a Product Photographer is essential in creating the range of Photography needed for all your product's communications and marketing strategies. Essential in creating a products manual, packaging and advertising, corporate websites, trade shows, point of sale displays, print and internet ads, each shot varies greatly in format and intent. Each placement requires a shot that precisely addresses it's needs.

Corporate Photography, Industrial Photography, Advertising Photography; These industries draw from all the photographic disciplines, they cross boundaries, blur lines and create new ones along the way. These industries define Commercial Photography, their demands drive Commercial Photography forward and on these demands Commercial Photography expands.

Whether you are stressing the strengths of an idea, a man, your entity, it's image, product or service, you will need a Commercial Photographer to do it !

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